about blue inc events

At Blue Inc Events we take professionalism and commitment very seriously, and work hard to achieve the highest quality creative and practical solutions to all your needs – exhibition, event, marketing, promotion or presentation. We believe that we are unique in the creative industries in our ability to combine hard hitting, highly detailed, painstaking project management with acute design flair, visual awareness and a talent for knowing what works. With bags of experience of organising and marketing exhibitions and conferences in the most demanding and fast moving of industries, we know a thing or two about list management, media buying, supplier co-ordination and internet strategies. We love our work and like the people we work with – and it shows ... MORE >>











what our clients say about us

Thank you once again for breathing life into Grand Designs Live. Once more it magically sprang into being with amazing vitality. The vibe was great and it is, I think, entirely down to you and your team and the integrity that you bring to the show. I am immensely grateful.

Kevin McCloud, presenter Grand Designs Live

We were simply delighted with the results that Nicole Cooper and her company Blue Inc achieved on the Grand Designs Live exhibition. Nicole is an outstanding exhibition organiser and a great team player. She is extremely competent in managing the many and complex commercial, editorial and logistical issues involved in putting on an exhibition – especially the launch edition of a ground breaking consumer show – and from our client perspective got everything working seamlessly. She handled our talent (to translate TV-speak, our stars) very well, interpreted our brand outstandingly and on practical matters was responsive, sensitive and outstandingly efficient. I wouldn't hesitate to use her or her company again and would recommend them without hesitation.
Alex Mahon, Commercial Director, Talkback THAMES TV